Thursday, March 5, 2009

U Non-Immigrant Visas

Started working on a "U" Visa, USCIS Form I-918, for a client who tipped off the police about rampant drug dealing going on inside of her store. The police raided the location, made numerous arrests and broke up a fairly high-level drug distribution network. After the police arrests, the aliens started receiving death threats and were forced to relocate and go into hiding.

There is not much information out there on how to file the application and a lot of the police departments are still trying to figure out how to fill out the Supplement "B" Form of the I-918 Application that really is the heart of the U Visa. I will keep the blog posted on how the application proceeds.

I called my friend who is specializing in "U" Visas and currently has over 15 applications on file.

The only meaningful discussion is the Sept. 5, 2007 Fact Sheet put out by USCIS.

Here is the link:
USCIS Fact Sheet

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