Friday, July 9, 2010

Deadline for Haitians Registering for Legal Status is July 20

The initial registration period for any Haitian national, or person last habitually residing in Haiti to file for Legal Status in the United States is July 20, 2010.

The benefit of registering for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is you can obtain Employment Authorization, a Social Security Card, and apply for any benefits related to having a social security card, such as Earned Income Credit and the Stimulus Benefit.

To qualify you must:

(1) Be a Haitian National or last habitually resided in Haiti;
(2) Have been present in the US on January 12, 2010;
(3) Properly complete and file TPS registration before the July 20 deadline;
(4) Meet certain immigration requirements (such as no felony convictions); AND
(5) File before registration ends.

If you fail to file by the deadline you will not be eligible for TPS.

Note: Failure to properly file for TPS during the deadlines the US government has set could mean that you lose your chance to benefit from Haitian TPS. It is important to utilize experienced TPS immigration attorneys in order to ensure that your filing is performed timely and properly.

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