Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Started at a New Law Practice This Week

On Monday October 1, 2012, I began my association with a great group of attorneys in Oakland, California, leaving behind the Law Offices of Haitham Ballout, where I practice for the last five years. The incentive in making this change is the intention of the group to form a partnership with myself as one of the named partners. This is an exciting and challenging moment, but in the long run, I firmly believe this is the right move professionally. In my former position at Mr. Ballout's Office, a very capable young attorney as accepted the offer and she will fill my post. The new practice will focus on removal and deportation cases, along with Mr. Dae Hee Kim, Esq. as the experienced criminal defense counsel. I have many years of experience in handling both immigration and criminal appellate cases. My experience also includes many administrative appeals to both the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) and the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO)in humanitarian cases, removal defense, and visa petitions, which involves Walsh Act cases and waivers of all types.

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