Monday, August 1, 2016

USCIS Expands Eligible Aliens for I-601A Provisional Waivers

>Effective August 29, 2016, a new class of individuals may be eligible for a provisional waiver of certain grounds of inadmissibility based on the accrual of unlawful presence in the United States. The newly released rule is intended to encourage eligible individuals to complete the immigrant visa process abroad while promoting family unity.

This rule will allow who are present in the United States to request a provisional waiver of these grounds of inadmissibility before departing the United States for consular processing of their immigrant visas from USCIS. This changes the requirement for individuals that would instead apply for a waiver abroad after their immigrant visa interviews using the Form I-601. An approved provisional waiver will help facilitate immigrant visa issuance at DOS and also reduce the time that applicants are separated from their U.S. citizen or LPR family members.

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